Allegan County Animal Shelter

Pet RescueOur foster program permits our extremely adoptable cats and canines to be housed for longer intervals than practical inside the shelter while they await forever houses.

The beagle has a pleasant disposition. They are an brisk breed that enjoys working and playing with the youngsters. They do not shed a lot, although as with most breeds, brushing helps keep a wholesome coat. Due to their small stature, over consuming and being offered desk scraps can lead to weight problems. If their weight is successfully managed they sometimes have few other well being issues.

When you adopt a puppy, study as much as you’ll be able to about its parents. That will enable you to know the way giant the pup will develop. Of course, this data for rescue puppies isn’t all the time accessible, but someone who’s knowledgeable about different dog breeds may be capable of give you some ideas concerning the pup’s breed or breeds.

As Mel was entering into to pay for the gasoline, I informed her to purchase the pooch a couple of hot dogs. Meanwhile, I gave it some water. Melissa came back with a giant can of dog food. They did not promote scorching dogs. I opened the can and fed the pup, and it rapidly devoured the meal. I couldn’t simply leave with out doing something, so I went in to ask the workers to please call the humane shelter to pick the dog up.


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