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The Syrian Civil War and the Human Rights Violations

The war is Syria is proof that humans must learn to live in peace or perish together as fools. The Syrian civil war began in the year 2011 during a series of protest that swept over sections of North Africa and Middle East. The unfortunate news is that the Syrian war hasn’t still been resolved. Almost 500,00 Innocent civilian has died because of the war yet no one ever predicated that the war would be very complicated. Over 500,000 civilians have died as result of the war.

The war in Syria is fought between two opposing factions namely the Syrian government or Assad regime Vs rebels. The war is complicated because both sides are supported by different nations. As of now, no person can predict when the war will end as both sides show no sign of cease fire. People in the world are crying the hearts out for peace to prevail in Syria.

Civilian abuse

Over 500,000 people have died as result of fighting in Syria. Millions of civilians have also been badly injured due to the war. Millions of people are currently displaced in their own country while others have escaped the country. It is quite depressing to find out the number of people affected by the Syrian civil war. The Assad regime has killed hundreds of thousands in the war. Chemical weapons such as chlorine gas has been used by the Assad regime. The rebels are equally to blame for killing thousands of civilians. In a nutshell, some of international regulations of war have been broken in Syria. Aside from murderers, lots of people including children have been injured badly in the conflict.

Preventing help

Other than the number of deaths and injuries in the Syrian war, numerous aid agencies have repeatedly been blocked from reaching the people that need aid the most. Internally displaced persons just can’t access food they badly need to survive while the injured are not be able to receive the treatment they badly need.

Starvation is a serious threat to the life of many people in Syria because aid is being prevented from reaching it’s destination. The Syrian war has also caused many women to be raped. Supplies from doctors has been blocked from reaching the needy patients.

No resolution

The Arab League of Nations and the UN have for a long time tried to end the conflict but have not succeeded. The Syrian government has resisted all attempts to negotiate with groups they term as terrorist. The Syrian war shows no signs of ending presently. The prayer in the world over is for world leaders to unite in order to end the suffering and death of the Syrian people.

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